Poems to Go

Alright kids (this one's to the male kids since it's more tradition for boys to write poems for girls), we're going to offer up some advice for all of you little love struck monsters. Got a girl you've been crushing on, but you can't get past 2 Snapchats in a row? Here's what you do... We're going to write poems every so often on here, and you copy them word for word, comma for comma, write them in your best Shakespearean Handwriting, and hand it to her at Recess...

This first poem is dedicated to you lovebirds searching for that older woman. And it goes a little something like this:

Red Are The Roses,
Skinny Are The Egrets.
You're a senior, I'm a Freshman,
Luckily, I'm good at keeping secrets.

OK, that's our first poem for today.  The second poem... This one is for those of you that are looking to impress the woman of your dreams that you've been in the friend zone too long with! And it goes a little something like this:

When I tell you I want you to come over and do homework with me that's not what I mean you idiot. 

Alright, hope that one worked well for everyone, here is the last poem for you for now!  This is the perfect poem to use on that cute girl that looks like a librarian, but you know that isn't the case...

Shall I compare thee to a summer day,

thou art more lovely and more temperate.

Or Shall I compare thee to an overdue book,

So wanted, previous owner shalt not return.

Ye soft sweet smile, 

Ye sneaky grin, 

That temptress booty, 

Ye legs so thin. 

And once we've danced, 

And once hearts burn,

Please point me way 

 Ye book return.

Alright, good game everyone.  Now make sure you don't say where you got these poems, we don't want to get in trouble...