Care and Handling


  • Please follow all the instructions on the packaging when applying your grip.  Let's Party has chosen the strongest available 3M adhesive on all of our traction, and we want to remind you that it is all Pressure sensitive and needs the proper love and care to be applied properly.  
  • All areas should be clean of any wax, glue, dust, etc prior to traction application.  Any wax residue or other substance will work against proper adhesion, even on brand new boards.  We always recommend some sanding and cleaning of the area your new traction will be applied. 
  • Adding wax to your traction may seem like a great idea, but the hard wax can actually soften the strong EVA we use.  Handle with Care.  Our pads are the perfect mix of soft and comfortable for your foot and hard enough to last. 


  • Our leashes are built with incredibly strong urethane.  Like any composite, once there is damage to it, it's likely created a weak point.  We recommend checking your leash every few surfs to make sure there is no damage.  Small cuts, abrasions can create a weak point where the leash will be more likely to fail or snap. 
  • Please refrain from wrapping your leash around your fins/your board.  It's not cool anyways.  Keep that leash as straight as possible and away from extra strain. 
  • If you are able to shower off your leash along with your board and wetsuit, everything will remain happier with less salt water trying to eat away at anything.  Salt is gnarly.  If you are using our comp leash, remember, it's a comp leash.  Maxed out Sunset is not the spot to judge how strong it is.  
Be considerate of our recommendations and enjoy your Let's Party product for as long as possible.  Thank you for partying!