Party Butt Pad - Butt Snorkeler x Let's Party Colab

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Teeth like a tiger, tackiness like your grandpas vacation shirt, and sexual swagger like James Bond, the PARTY BUTT is the pad to revolutionize the sport of surfing. So far we have had a 96% success rate when it comes to pad owners pulling smoking hot chicks in and out of the water, and we feel that ratio will go up as we do more studies. Apply this pad to any zone in your life that needs some extra support: surfboards, slippery showers, wake skates, bed pillows, skim boards, overside bike seats, boat swim-steps, and any other areas you can think up. Get yours before they are gone! Or before your little brother beats you to the punch.

Additional Tech Specs:

- 3M Glue that could Brazilian-wax-job a landing strip out of the roughest Jungle growth.

- Teradactyl Claw fire-diamond grips to keep you stuck to your board like prey to its next meal.

- Beveled side-cuts on the kick-tail to prevent you from eating shit like a barney and ending up on KookSlams or Kook of the Day.

- Built in sexual swagger that automatically guaranteed sexual sensations and fantasies after every ride.

#RideOrDie #RideHardAndPutAwayWet #NotAuntFlowsPad